Monday, July 28, 2014

Thor's Production at Capacity, Wheels of interstellar Freedom call for more Production lines.

Due to an overwhelming call to arms Thor is producing his durable war machines to order nearly around the clock. He has asked for me to make the announcement that Production is moving along and to please be patient with your orders. He is purchasing a second printer to increase production as soon as he can. If you have any questions please address him at


  1. Hi there, I've recently heard about your blog on the mwo forums and I must say I'm amazed. Your work is awesome (fabulous ;))
    Do you ship your kits overseas? I'm in the uk.

  2. Ben, I just show the kits on the site; I don't have anything to do with the production. Please contact Thor at Thor's mechworks. I know he sent some to over sea's buyers but shipping is terribly expensive.

    I'm sure you guys can make something work.

  3. I don't mind shipping costs. I'll drop him a line, thanks :)