Monday, June 16, 2014

Thor's Family Photo

After several requests from viewers out there Thor asked me to pose some of the mechs he makes together for a group photo.  This is a group photo of Thor's work for scale. The two figures on the left-center in front are from Khurasan in 28mmm. the two on the right-center are original Steiner laser troops in 25mm.
the truck on the right is an ambulance Thor designed for sci-fi street clutter. He has a 1/2 dozen vehicles we haven't featured yet.   
After talking with the mech-maker this evening he hinted at a classic unseen design armed with long ranged missiles, a mech with interchangeable long ranged missiles,/Cruise missiles/ particle Projectors in its weapons bays, and an itsy-bitsy co-op project with our friend north of the border.
(thanks Messy Desk, your request is being processed.)      


  1. We keep our word. Can you cover shipping?

  2. Any hints on what that maybe? :)

  3. Hey bud these are really cool! Is there a chance we'll ever see a certain type of mech that insists that the weight of the world should be on its shoulders?
    Thank you.

  4. Thor had mentioned it, contact him.