Monday, June 16, 2014

Thor's Family Photo

After several requests from viewers out there Thor asked me to pose some of the mechs he makes together for a group photo.  This is a group photo of Thor's work for scale. The two figures on the left-center in front are from Khurasan in 28mmm. the two on the right-center are original Steiner laser troops in 25mm.
the truck on the right is an ambulance Thor designed for sci-fi street clutter. He has a 1/2 dozen vehicles we haven't featured yet.   
After talking with the mech-maker this evening he hinted at a classic unseen design armed with long ranged missiles, a mech with interchangeable long ranged missiles,/Cruise missiles/ particle Projectors in its weapons bays, and an itsy-bitsy co-op project with our friend north of the border.
(thanks Messy Desk, your request is being processed.)