Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the begining

  The project begins. these photos were taken 2 years ago on a weekend when we were assembling around 50 Armorcast buildings. The tape was to hold the walls in place until the glue set.
The Zentradi Pods there are toys from Exo-Squad, eventually they will be kit bashed to Marauder2's

The Large sky scrapers are buildings made by Gale-Force9, Some range to 4 ft tall. The Tanks are made by Old Crow Models.
This is a heavily kit bashed Mauler from the Tyco Battletech toy line long out of production. 

slow going

Not much to update here. All the Armorcast buildings are now primed and the new rules we wrote are smoother than the original copyright material. 
Infantry from leading Edge Games, a long extinct caster.
2 of the 28 planned tables.